DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY: DISCOVER how the unconscious plays a role in the choices we make.

LIFESTYLE EDUCATION : STRENGTHEN biochemical infrastructure for optimal physical, mental, emotional, energetic, & genetic expression. 

SOMATIC NARRATIVE APPROACH:​ ATTENDto the body's story to discover root causes of pain; approach dis-ease with the intention of cultivating peace & overall Life Satisfaction.

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Art of Living Medicine...

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine: Your Life is Your Art.

AoLM REIKI available upon request:RELIEVE pain and harmful effects of stress; encourage the body's innate ability to heal with emphasis on restoring harmony to the respiratory, endocrine, circulatory, & digestive systems. Reiki & Meditation classes offered.

Depth Pscyhology~Lifestyle Education~Energy Medicine 

30/50/90 min. 

In Person & Distance SESSIONS AVAILABLE 


AoLM Live Guided Meditation

Mondays 11 am & 7:15 pm PST

Call 641.715.0679 Access code 223272#


NEUROPHYSIOLOGICAL METHODS:​ OPTIMIZE cognition, improve brain function, & learn how to regain self-control when overwhelmed.