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My journey began years ago through my efforts to heal from complicated grief due to trauma and a series of deaths in my personal circle. During a rite of passage ceremony I was given the name Keeper of the Story by the women elders in my family. I wrote my first book, Beyond Finisterrae: to the End of Earth (2014). Since then writing has become integral to my ritual self-care practice. Life experience continues to offer me the best education about healing and quality living. Drawing wisdom from my parents and grandparents, I rooted myself into the premise that My Life is My Art. Knowing that the shadows can accentuate the Light, I have cultivated a scientifically sound, artistic approach to facilitating my own and others' access to radiant health and improved Life Satisfaction. A Master's degree in Depth Psychology allows me to specialize in a Somatic Narrative Approach to healing while focusing on Lifestyle Education to help dissolve symptoms of pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, chronic stress and dis-ease. I am committed to guiding clients through life's rough patches, dark corridors and trap doors (because I have likely been there myself). I specialize in attending to people who serve in the helping and healing professions: doctors, teachers, artists, small business owners, and individuals who are recovering from or want to prevent burnout, cultivate routine self-care, or take personal health to the next level. 

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Sessions are typically 30 to 90 minutes. Building upon a foundation of Lifestyle Education and Depth Psychology, I treat people with symptoms of mental, emotional, or physical distress. Often the presenting condition can easily be traced to one of 5 broader categories that spiral and overlap and greatly influence Life Satisfaction: Vitality; Relationship; Peace; Self-Expression; Finances/Resources. A personalized treatment plan is created that may include the following: methods that bring unconscious material to light; strategies for personal empowerment; improved cognition, optimal cellular health, and bio-field energy medicine that soothes the nervous system and improves endocrine function. I pay careful attention to what the body indicates is beneficial for each individual's condition. Environmental factors, genetic expression, toxicity, inflammation, trauma, and an ability to thrive in relationships, work, and play are considered contributing factors to overall Quality of Life. Each session is an ethical, mutually agreed upon therapeutic alliance between practitioner and client. The Art of Living Medicine approach (AoLM, 2015) complements Functional Medicine in partnership with medical doctors who practice empirically sound Lifestyle Medicine. 

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